A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You control one of the many Bots on the map. But which one?
You have to find out before the other players do!

Stay hidden by mimicking NPCs while accomplishing different tasks
in order to gain points and abilities.

When you identify other players, stealthily get close and blow them up!

2-4 Players only local-multiplayer


Eric Schlossberg: Development (Website)
Tarek Spiegelhalter: Visual Design (ArtStation, Instagram)
Jakob Wulfert: Sound Design (Instagram)
Concept & Game Design: All & Florian Schmeidl

BOOMBOTS was developed in three months at the Bauhaus-Unviersity Weimar.  Special thanks goes to Gianluca Pandolfo for establishing the Indiegame Development Lab.
Further games created in this semester project: https://bauhausuniweimar.itch.io/

Feel free to give us feedback,
to spread the word and have fun playing!

Install instructions

All Infos are written in the Devlog "Install Instructions" down below the Download button


BOOMBOTS v1.0.0_Windows 73 MB
BOOMBOTS v1.0.0_macOS 78 MB
BOOMBOTS v.1.0.0_Linux 88 MB

Development log

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